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social responsibilty

We take this part of our business very seriously and believe it is an integral part of our philosophy.

We have adopted an Ethical Sourcing Policy – this is  based on conducting business ethically, manufacturing responsibly and demonstrating environmental consciousness.

We source from a number of partners, not just in Australia, but selected partners in Bangladesh, China and India. All our partners  must meet  minimum standards to become a  supplier.

The standards that our partners work to is a commitment to ethical and responsible business standards. They need to demonstrate that they obey the laws of their country, treat workers with dignity and respect, and are conscious of the impact their operation has on the environment

To achieve these standards the factories must be  audited (regularly) by one of several internationally recognised bodies.  

This would include one of the following


  WRAP – WORLDWIDE ACCREDITED PRODUCTION screen-shot-2020-12-13-at-12.34.16-am.png


SA 8000 – ETHICALLY CORRECT CERTIFIED COMPANYscreen-shot-2020-12-13-at-12.36.51-am.png


BSCI – BUSINESS SOCIAL COMPLIANCE INITIATIVE screen-shot-2020-12-11-at-9.35.56-am.png



 SEDEX – SUPPLIER ETICAL DATA EXCHANGEscreen-shot-2020-12-11-at-9.36.19-am.png


The accreditation is not a one off – it is an  ongoing audit and certification process   with  the  aim  to assist  and encourage  the organisation  to develop, maintain and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace.

It's our responsibility to be part of a better future.